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Temporary Entry - Simplifying Customs

ATA Carnet (Temporary Admission or Merchandise Passport) is an international customs document that simplifies customs procedures by using it as the entry document in place of customs documents for temporary importations. A Carnet is not always needed for temporary entry but when used for the right situation when shipping internationally is very useful.

  • Carnets facilitate international business by avoiding extensive
    customs procedures, eliminating payment of Customs duties and excise taxes, and eliminating the purchase of temporary import bonds
  • The Carnet simultaneously serves as a bond and the entry document for articles under various Customs procedures such as temporary importation and transportation in-bond
  • Merchandise covered by ATA Carnets includes:
    • Commercial samples, professional equipment, and goods for trade shows and exhibitions
    • Items such as computers, tools, cameras and video equipment, industrial machinery, automobiles, gems and jewelry, and wearing apparel
    • Extraordinary items such as artwork, band instruments, others

ATA Carnets do not cover food or agriculture products, disposable items, or postal traffic.

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