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The cost of replacing damaged goods can put a serious dent in a company’s revenue stream. Likewise, it’s imperative that we protect our freight by observing safe, careful shipping practices each and every time we send a package out for delivery.

At InXpress Midwest, we’ve spent nearly two decades providing consultations for clients on proper packing methods. In the interest of making the world a safer place to ship, we figured it was high time we share a few trade secrets with our readers.

Invest in Cushioning Materials

The added cost of plastic bubble wrap and polystyrene packing peanuts is negligible compared to the cost of having to ship twice due to damages incurred in transit. The idea here is to immobilize goods within their containers in order to minimize their risk of being jostled, bumped, or banged. In a pinch, crumpled up newspaper can be a serviceable substitute for the real deal. Be aware, however, that you run the risk of transferring ink from the newspaper to the contents of the package. If you do decide to go the newspaper route, consider nesting one box within another in order to avoid getting ink on anything of value.

Choose Appropriate Containers

Generally speaking, smaller is better. Shipping goods in excessively large containers can drive up the cost of postage and increase the likelihood of damage. Again, bear in mind that the goal is to keep items still for the duration of their journey.

In addition to the size of your container, you’ll want to pay close attention to its construction. Only reuse shipping containers if you’re absolutely confident in their structural integrity. Use scrap pieces of Styrofoam to shore up a container’s interior and provide an additional cushion for goods. Reinforce edges with extra layers of packing tape for added peace of mind.

Expect the Worst

Assume that by the time your package reaches its destination, it will have run a veritable gauntlet of rough seas, turbulent skies, and snow-covered highways. Pack like you’re about to ship heirloom china from an offshore oil rig to Windsor Castle. Better yet, pack like your profit margins depend on it.

Ready to ship your freshly packed freight? Why not trust the professionals at InXpress Midwest to get your packages safely where they need to go? Call today for more information!

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