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I’m sure you’ll agree that sometimes international shipping can be real hassle, especially when it comes to duties and taxes. Here's a good example: an InXpress client recently received a duties & taxes bill from DHL that seemed rather high. When they reviewed the bill more thoroughly, they found that their supplier overseas used an incorrect Harmonized Tariff Schedule (“Schedule B”). It resulted in U.S. Customs charging an amount to our customer (via DHL) that was roughly twice what it should have been. In these cases, please know that we and DHL can help you fix this with a little bit of information! The DHL Duties and Taxes Department can provide you with not only the suggested HTS Codes for your commodities but the duty & tax % as well. We encourage you to double-check your duties and tax bills and to ensure that your suppliers are using the correct HTS / Schedule B codes – it really can add up if you don't monitor it.

An awesome resource from DHL that's FREE: Using a powerful, online tool from DHL, you can now determine the projected duties and taxes (export or import) for any shipment. DHL's powerful Trade Automation Service (TAS) is a cloud-based system that calculates duties and taxes right from your computer! It's free to DHL customers and if you need help registering, let us know. Click here to register

As international shipping consultants trained by DHL, our goal to make international shipping less of a hassle for your team. Let us know where we can help!

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