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5 Ways to Save Money

April 23rd, 2020 6:06pm

5 Ways to Save on Parcel Deliveries

Here are some tips on saving time and money with your parcel deliveries.

1. Packing your Goods

The smaller and lighter the shipment, the less you pay. Most carriers charge by weight and dimensions, so choose a box to suit the size of your item.

2. Express or Saver?

How quickly do you need it to arrive? If you can spare a couple of days, and ship it on a slower service, you can save even more.

3. Right Delivery Address

Incorrect addresses cause the carriers major problems. They may also charge for re-delivery attempts, so getting the address right first time is essential.

4. Out of Area Surcharge

Do you know where your customers are? You may be delivering to a major country, but if your customer is in a ski resort in that country you may be charged an out of area surcharge. Your InXpress consultant can check which carrier covers these areas as a standard delivery area.

5. Insurance

If it all goes wrong then taking additional insurance can be a life saver. Most carriers offer standard liability insurance for free, for a limited amount of cover. If you need additional cover contact your InXpress consultant, who will check the minimum charges and your excess charge on a claim.

Whatever you need to ship to anywhere in the world, contact us today to save the most time and money.

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