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November, 2014:

Preparation Is Everything When Shipping

Commercial Invoice and EEI When shipping goods internationally a commercial invoice is required by most countries for non-document shipments. If your goods are valued over $2500usd an ITN # will need to be issued by filing your export information with the US government. Information below covers details regarding a commercial invoice and filing of Electronic Export Information. When preparing your commercial invoice have the information below available: Company Letterhead: Use your official company letterhead Incoterms® 2010 Rules: “Incoterms” is a trademark of the International Chamber of Commerce. Incoterms® rules are... Read More >>

Common Documentation When Exporting

We often receive questions surrounding common documentation required when exporting from the US. The following shipping documents are commonly used in exporting, but specific requirements vary by destination and product. Shippers Electronic Export Information (EEI). Filing with EEI creates your ITN# which is required for goods valued over $2500usd. Commercial Invoice: A bill for the goods from the seller to the buyer used to determine the true value of goods when assessing customs duties Certificate of Origin: Only required by some countries. In many cases, a statement of origin printed on company letterhead will suff... Read More >>


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