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Package Properly, Ship Safely, Save Money

Package Properly, Ship Safely, Save Money

The cost of replacing damaged goods can put a serious dent in a company’s revenue stream. Likewise, it’s imperative that we protect our freight by observing safe, careful shipping practices each and every time we send a package out for delivery.At InXpress Midwest, we’ve spent nearly two decades providing consultations for clients on proper packing methods. In the interest of making the world a safer place to ship, we figured it was high time we share a few trade secrets with our readers.Invest in Cushioning MaterialsThe added cost of plastic bubble wrap and polystyrene packing peanuts is negligible compared to the cost of h... Read More >>

A Brief Introduction to International Shipping

A Brief Introduction to International Shipping

Making the jump to international shipping is a huge step in the life cycle of any small business. By introducing your goods to an overseas market, you take a calculated risk that has the potential to utterly change the course of your company’s future. Take Air Tractor, for example. This small manufacturing company from rural Texas was able to weather the worst of the recent economic recession – and even report consistent revenue growth - by exporting its products to European markets. Before you commit to bringing your business overseas however, some careful research is warranted. Even powerhouse corporations such as Wal-Mart... Read More >>

Freight Forwarding: A Brief Explanation.

Freight Forwarding: A Brief Explanation.

Managing the shipping logistics for a successful business can constitute a full time job in and of itself. Shipping markets are in a constant state of flux. Rates can vary from day to day depending on the season, destination, mode of transport, and type of goods being shipped. Shipping internationally further complicates transport operations due to customs considerations. With all these variables and contingencies to keep track of, many companies choose to rely on a third party freight forwarder to manage and maintain their transport operations. Freight forwarders act as full service shipping consultants, business liaisons, logistics coordin... Read More >>

Five Crucial Questions

Crucial Questions When Importing To Or Exporting From The US Whether importing or exporting to any of hundreds of international markets, it is critical that you work with someone who has the experience and backing to help you reduce the hassle, cost and time spent processing your shipments. When selecting a shipping partner, here are five crucial questions to ask. If the answers you receive are vague or incorrect, you may face problems down the road. Possible questions for your shipping partner: 1)      Do you have an in-house licensed customs broker? To import and export shipments into a country a “Lice... Read More >>

Limit Duties & Taxes

I’m sure you’ll agree that sometimes international shipping can be real hassle, especially when it comes to duties and taxes. Here's a good example: an InXpress client recently received a duties & taxes bill from DHL that seemed rather high. When they reviewed the bill more thoroughly, they found that their supplier overseas used an incorrect Harmonized Tariff Schedule (“Schedule B”). It resulted in U.S. Customs charging an amount to our customer (via DHL) that was roughly twice what it should have been. In these cases, please know that we and DHL can help you fix this with a little bit of information! The DHL ... Read More >>

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